Thursday, March 12, 2009

On Mothering Sunday

When I learned that my debut book, The Angel and the Outlaw, was chosen to be released in the UK combined with Sarah Mallory's More Than a Governess as a way to introduce my writing to the readers there by Mills and Boon, I was thrilled.

The title, however, stumped me. On Mothering Sunday--what was that all about? So of course, I googled it. And came to the quick realization that I was culturally illiterate in this case.

The difference between Mother's Day in the USA and Mothering Sunday in the UK might not be so different now-a-days, but four hundred years ago there was a very poignant difference. Children as young as ten years old, who'd had to leave home to work as maids and apprentices, were for one day of the year released to return home to their mothers.

How different things are now. I cannot imagine going an entire year without seeing my children or my parents! I am so thankful for cars and airplanes and the time to be able to visit with them.

This year, Mothering Sunday will be celebrated on March 22nd in the UK.

There are other traditions surrounding Mothering Sunday. I'm betting there are a few writers from across the pond who can fill be in on their take on this!