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Gloria's Song   
Kathryn Albright

January 2017
A Sweet Americana Historical Romance
Book #11 Grandma's Wedding Quilts Series.

Gloria, daughter of a shipping tycoon, always does the proper thing. 

To have Colin, a tavern pianist, tutor her sounds crazy. 

Can music cross class lines and harmonize two hearts?  

Available HERE.

A Maiden for the Marquess
Michelle Willingham

3rd August, 2016

My new book is out today! A Regency gentlemen travels a thousand years back in time to find the Viking maiden of his dreams

Land of Dreams    
Cheryl St.John

In this tale of hope and love, too-tall spinster Thea Coulson wants to be a mother to a child who arrives in Nebraska on an orphan train. When Booker Hayes shows up to take his niece, a marriage of convenience suits them both. 

Thea’s nights are filled with dreams of the tall, dark army major, but she guards her heart. Booker’s first taste of home and hearth has him longing for more, but first he must win the trust of his niece..and the heart of the sun-kissed farmer's daughter. 

Rain Shadow    
Cheryl St.John

Raised by the Lakota Sioux and having traveled with the Wild West Show for many years, Rain Shadow is unprepared for a forced stay at the home of Anton Neubauer while her son recuperates. He is a rock, a man who has lived on and farmed the same several hundred acres since he was young. 

Anton needs a mother for his son, but he needs someone domestic and ladylike, not the Smith & Wesson toting female who sets up her teepee in his front yard and whose target practice wakes him at the crack of dawn. But fate, two little boys and two old men conspire to keep them together, and it’s too late to deny their passion once love is part of the equation. 

Heaven Can Wait   
Cheryl St.John

Raised within the confines of a strict religious community, Lydia Beker longs for a simple touch, dreams of seeing more of the world. 

When handsome farmer, Jakob Neubauer and his family visit the bakery where she works, she is fascinated, but Outsiders are forbidden to her. Jakob is attracted to Lydia, as well, and she makes the difficult decision to leave everything she knows behind to marry him. He offers love and passion, but will she ever fit into his world?

Saint or Sinner    
Cheryl St.John

In this heartwarming romance drama of hope and redemption, Joshua McBride returns from the Civil War a changed man, ready to put down roots and plant his feet in the community. 

Prim and uptight Miss Adelaide Stapleton, leader of the Dorcas Society, doesn’t believe he’s changed—people are never what they seem. But she has plenty of secrets of her own—among them the inescapable fact that Joshua sets her heart to pounding and makes her long for his disturbing kisses. 

How long can she keep her own past hidden—and resist temptation? 

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