Harlequin Historical New Releases

July 2017 new releases

January 2017 new releases

Coming in December

Six Brand new releases in the US, UK, and Australia

Coming in November

Six brand new releases in the US, UK and Australia


Coming in October

Six Brand new releases in the US, UK and Australia


Coming in September

Six brand new releases in the US, UK and Australia

Hussy Julia Justiss gives her September release a 2 flame rating.

Faith Wellingford Evers, Duchess of Ashedon, is tired of society's endless gossiping about her failings and her late husband's infidelities. Seeking escape one night, she's attacked by ruffians, but is saved by an unlikely figure from her past! 

Having risen from penniless orphan to Member of Parliament, David Tanner Smith is no longer the quiet boy Faith once knew. With the first spine-tingling kiss, their old friendship is transformed. And in its place is an explosive mix of illicit encounters and forbidden desire…


Coming in August

All these brand new releases in the US, UK and Australia

Plus - in the UK - a fabulous book bundle containing stories from your favourite authors:
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July 2016 Releases

Available to purchase now from Harlequin and Mills & Boon

The Outcast's Redemption

Ten years ago, Wolfgang Arrandale was discovered standing over the body of his wife. Forced to run, he has lived as a fugitive ever since, doing anything to survive. But now the revelation that he’s a father compels him to prove his innocence!

Parson’s daughter Grace Duncombe is intrigued by the wild stranger who arrives one night seeking refuge. It’s clear Wolf hides many secrets, but she’s drawn to him like no other. And soon she must defend this honorable outcast whatever the cost! The Infamous Arrandales Scandal is their destiny!

June 2016 Releases

Six great new titles coming from Harlequin Historical in June, including a two-in-one from Marguerite Kaye and Bronwyn Scott. 

Available to purchase from Harlequin in the US and Mills & Boon in the UK  

A most unsuitable love for a lord... even for a sinner like him.  Half-drowned, the Marquess of Avenmore staggers naked from the icy sea into the warm arms of Tamsyn Perowne, a smuggler's widow with a very dangerous enemy indeed. It is desire at first touch - but is that all it can ever be?

May 2016 releases

The Blacksmith's Wife
A passion forged from fire
Rejected by her favoured knight, Joanna Sollers knows she will never love again. Especially when the man she’s now forced to marry is none other than her beloved’s half-brother!
For blacksmith Hal Danby, marrying Joanna makes his life-long dream of entering the Smiths’ Guild possible, even if the secrets in his past mean he’ll forever keep his distance. But everything changes with one stolen night, and in the arms of his new bride, Hal wonders if this loveless arrangement could transform into something real…

More Than A Lover  

Will he unlace all of her secrets? 

Former captain Bladen Read knows respectable Caroline Falkner would never look twice at an illegitimate ruffian like him. But when he's suddenly thrown into the role of her protector he discovers the undercurrent of tension runs both ways… 

At first Caro tries to resist the pull of attraction, for Blade is a link to the scandalous past she buried long ago to protect her son. Although when the opportunity to explore this rake's expertise in the bedroom presents itself, temptation proves too much to resist!

April Releases 

Saved By Scandal's Heir

Can he awaken dreams she thought lost forever…?

Harriet, Lady Brierley, is a respectable widow, determined to keep the secrets of her broken heart deeply buried. But when Benedict Poole—the very man who deserted her—returns, Harriet’s safe world threatens to unravel.

Believing Harriet left him for a wealthy lord, Benedict must fight to uncover the true consequence and tragedy of their affair years before. But with his family’s name now synonymous with scandal, can he hope to win back the trust of the woman he has always loved?

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