Friday, July 30, 2010

And the Winner is?

Last night three of our authors were nominated for the prestigious Daphne Du Maurier for Excellence in Mystery/Suspense in the published Division

Alaskan Renegade by Kate Bridges
From Waif to Gentleman's Wife, by Julia Justiss

And the winner: The Rake's Inherited Courtesan - by Ann Lethbridge

Here are the three finalists with editors Joanne Carr and Linda Fildew from Harlequin Mills and Boon

Having a great time at RWA!

Hi all,

Having a fabulous time with other Harlequin historical writers and editors et al at Nationals. We were spoiled today with a lovely tea at the Grand Floridian. Looking forward to the harlequin book signing tomorrow morning! Hope to see readers there. Among the excellent titles at the signing is Crispin's story, Untamed Rogue Scandalous Mistress.


Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hobnobbing with my Fellow Wizards

Joining a host of other Harlequin Historical authors at RWA National in Orlando, I attended the Beau Monde conference yesterday. That's the Regency sub-chapter of Romance Writers of America, and their conference offers not just fellowship but a great welcome address by best-selling author Galen Foley, workshops on Naughty Women, Regency and Georgian Women's Costumes, and everything about Servants, to name just the few I attended. After workshops, there was a wonderful tea with lovely tiny pastries, followed after the 500-author-booksigning by a Regency soiree with live music, period dancing (or attempts at such) and gaming.

Today, some of the Mills & Boone editors, including senior editor and head of historicals Linda Fildew, treated some 20 or so authors to a Victorian tea at the Grand Floridian resort at Walt Disney World. Specialty tea blends, delicious scones, and more great pastries.

Note to self: exercise regime must be increased once home and eating decreased immediately or I shall not be able to fit into the dress I brought for the RITA Awards Ceremony on Saturday night!

Alas, I did not have a camera, but others did, so hopefully there will be photos added soon.

The Hussies Breakfast at RWA

by Ann Lethbridge

The Romance Writers of America (RWA) Conference got off to a great start as some of our authors met for breakfast after a successful literacy signing the previous evening where lots of money was raised by publishers, authors and readers.

Breakfast at RWA is one of the few times the Historical Hussies as we like to call ourselves, have a chance to meet and talk since we come from all over the world, including US, Canada and England. We had two tables this morning and the talk was non stop as we caught up with each other, and ate too much food! Or at least I did, since it was a buffet.

You can see from all the happy faces that Orlando is going to be a memorable event for all of us.

See if you can match up faces with names here or on in the blog about our afternoon tea and we will send you some books to the person who gets the most right! In order! A hint, I am in the middle in the big group picture.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

RITA Nominations for Harlequin Authors

Excitement is building. One week from tonight we will know who the winners are of the RWA RITA Awards for Excellence in Published Romance.

Harlequin Historical Authors scooped more than one nomination.

For Best Historical

Taming Her Irish Warrior
by Michelle Willingham
Harlequin Enterprises, Harlequin Historical
Editor: Joanne Grant
ISBN: 978-0-373-29566-1

For Best Regency

Lord Braybrook's Penniless Bride
by Elizabeth Rolls
Harlequin Enterprises, Harlequin Historical
Editor: Linda Fildew
ISBN: 978-0-373-29548-7

For Best Novella:

“Annalise and the Scandalous Rake” by Deb Marlowe in The Diamonds of Welbourne Manor
Editor: Linda Fildew
"Charlotte and the Wicked Lord" by Amanda McCabe in The Diamonds of Welbourne Manor
Editor: Joanne Grant
Harlequin Enterprises, Harlequin Historical
ISBN: 978-0-373-29543-2

As you can imagine, we are all going to be cheering for our fellow authors. If you missed these wonderful books they are still available as e-books.

Good Luck to all.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Visit the Bronwyn Scott Blog Today for Free give away!

July 20th I'm celebrating my blog at True Romance. Join me there and then pop over to my blog at and leave a comment for a chance to win either a copy a Untamed Rogue, Scandalous Mistress (my July release) or a copy of A ThoroughlyCompromised Lady, which comes out Aug. 1 in the UK.

See you there,

Bronwyn Scott is Guest Blogging on True Romance

Hi everyone,

I wanted to write a quick blurb here to let everyone know I'm guest blogging today on True Romance and talking about the latest book, UNTAMED ROGUE, SCANDALOUS MISTRESS. Come by and visit.

Bronwyn Scott

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Sr Editor Linda Fildew celebrates 1000 Harlequin Historicals

Senior Editor Linda Fildew is over the Harlequin blog celebrating the publication of the 1000th Harlequin Historical -Christine Merrill's
Paying the Virgin's Price
Paying the Virgin's Price
Congratulations to all the authors and editors who have over the years contributed to the line's success.
Here's to the next 1,000!

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Happy 4th of July

Celebrate the 4th with Alex Grayfield's fireworks in the desert in Arabian Nights with a Rake! Bronwyn Scott's latest Undone!