Wednesday, November 01, 2006

November HH Release: The Defiant Mistress by Claire Thornton

The Defiant Mistress
For eight years Gabriel Vaughan, Marquis of Halross, has believed he was duped by a clever, money-grabbing harlot. He has tried to forget the beauty who left him at the altar, and then an accidental meeting in Venice places her entirely at his mercy!
Although Athena Frances Fairchild claims to be innocent, maybe this is just another of her deceptions. It's time to exact a little revenge. So when Athena needs a safe passage back to England, Gabriel sees his chance. Years ago he would have been proud to have Athena accompany him as his wife. Now Gabriel will insist she travel…as his mistress!

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The Defiant Mistress

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Laura Vivanco said...

I read the UK edition some time ago, but I do think this cover is stunning. I love the colour contrast. Oh, and this is definitely one of the times when it is a good idea to judge a book by its cover! ;-)