Friday, June 01, 2007

HH June Release: The Peacher's Daughter by Cheryl St John

Lorabeth Holdridge longed for life and experience! Cloistered by her strict father, her world was confined to chores and prayer. Her chance of escape came when she took a job as housekeeper to a boisterous family. Lorabeth reveled in her newfound freedom. And when Benjamin Chaney visited, she felt the stirrings of her first crush.
Jaded and cynical, Ben found it hard to trust, though Lorabeth's sweetness soothed his battered soul and taught him joy. But he would have to face the demons of his past to find a glorious future in Lorabeth's arms.

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Charlene Sands said...

Great interview Cheryl!
I agree about "chaps" on cowboys and where my gaze roams. :)