Saturday, July 07, 2007

Victoria Bylin: A Perfect Cover

The handsome guy on the cover of MIDNIGHT MARRIAGE is Andrew Larsen. Andrew won the Viewers’ Choice Award in the 2005 Mr. Romance reality show aired on the Oxygen Channel.

In real life, Andrew’s a fishing guide in Alaska and Oregon. Judging by the pictures on, he’s caught more than his share of big fish . . . and I do mean big! Take a tour through the photo gallery and you'll see Andrew with a fish almost as tall as he is.

Andrew may be a fisherman by profession, but he’s Rafe LaCroix to me. Of all my covers, this one is my favorite. Andrew is perfect as the bounty hunter who kidnaps Dr. Susanna Leaf. Susanna’s dress is the perfect shade of blue, and the candles capture the romance of a clandestine marriage.

Harlequin recently set out to find everyday men for their covers. An outdoorsman and an entrepreneur, Andrew fills those shoes--make that cowboy boots--perfectly.

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