Thursday, April 03, 2008

HH April Release: The Knight's Vow by Catherine March

The Knight's Vow
Believing she will never marry, Lady Beatrice has made a dramatic decision—she will take up a convent life. But first she must ask a favor of one of her father’s most handsome knights. Wanting to experience, just once, a man’s strong arms around her, she has turned to Sir Remy St. Leger, intending that they should share a kiss.His startling touch sparks desire deep within her, and all at once Beatrice realizes how much more life—and this man—has to give. Remy wants more, too…. But Beatrice cannot decide whether it is folly to refuse Remy, or folly to love him….

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Also available as an ebook. Part of e-harlequin's "It's raining men" speacil offer.

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