Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Keeping it all straight

Hi All,
I've been asked several times in the last few weeks about some follow up stories to the two books that came out this spring (Pickpocket Countess with the wonderful 'butt' cover and Notorious Rake, Innocent Lady, with the pretty white dress cover, as my 7 year old refers to it).

So, I decided to post an update for those who want to keep track.
Each of the Ramsden brothers from Notorious Rake... get a book of their own. The next one is the oldest brother, Peyton. His book is all done and retitled "The Earl's Foridden Ward." no release date has been set yet but I am guessing spring 2009.

Crispin gets a book too, it's working title is Wild Hearts and I just wrote the first chapter yesterday, it's going to be a great book. Don't think we'll see that one out for awhile though.

The secondary characters in Pickpocket Countess (Jack and Dulcinea) will get their own story too but that will be later. I am not slated to start writing their story until January but the premise is hot and the plot will be fast-paced, full of action, sparring and you-know-what.

In the meanwhile, readers can always read the online read "The Seduction of Grayson Prentiss" which is still available in the Harlequin library archives. Grayson is the heroine's cousin from Notorious Rake and he has quite an adventure off the coast of Spain when his ship wrecks.

All my best,

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Caffey said...

Bron, I have to get these! They are on my wishlist. I haven't had the joy to read yours but so can't wait when I can. I heard so much great about your books from reader friends of mine!