Friday, October 03, 2008

HH October Release: Lady Gwendolen Investigates by Anne Ashley

Lady Gwendolen Investigates
Elegant yet feisty, well traveled yet innocent to the world, beautiful yet modest—prying into others' lives isn't for Lady Gwendolen Warrender. Until murder and mayhem come to Marsden Wood!And every good sleuth needs a partner. Who better than dashing master of the manor Jocelyn Northbridge? With his touch of arrogance, intelligent eyes and brooding chivalry, she knows he'll make the perfect accomplice. But soon the renowned bachelor has more than solving murder in mind.It seems Gwendolen may have uncovered her very own marriage proposal!

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Caffey said...

I just read about this book and sounds like a mystery within, love those! I was unable to find Anne's site so I wondered if this book connected to any other book?

I know many books stand alone but too some are connected by characters from one story or another. I just have a hard time finding that info. For example with this book was looking if her recent book too was connected. Anyway I can be helped?

Too a couple years back, I remember reading a historical by Joanne Maitland about a man that comes back from war with an injury. Really a wonderful story. I've never been able to find out if she has other books out. Seems when I go to Harlequin, only their current book is listed, if they have one out, otherwise no info. So with Ms. Maitland, I have not seen a book in so long that I was concerned.

Thank you authors for the beautiful historicals you write. I can't tell you how much joy and comfort it is reading them. Historicals just so much a wonderful read for me and I'm excited to find more authors to read and too being a 'bookaholic' and knowing that books stand alone, I too like to read the other characters story, so thats why all my questions, Smile. Thanks for all you do.

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Michelle Styles said...


I have forwarded your comment to Anne Herries.

Joanna Maitland had a lovely book about a lady Russian soldier out in the UK in September. I believe she is also writing one of the upcoming Undones. If you go on her website, you will be able to find out more.
I hope this helps.

Caffey said...

Michele, I can't find her site. I did a search online and also checked Harlequin and they didn't have a site listed for JoAnn Maitlands.

Ok, Anne Herries, love her books and have her site. The 'ANNE' I was looking for is 'ANNE ASHLEY' just like the post of the book here.
Thanks Michele.

Carol Townend said...

Hi Caffey
Try looking for the 'Joanna Maitland' website.
Best wishes

Joanna Maitland said...

Hi Caffey

Delighted you like my books and yes, there are quite a few since the one you mention (Marrying the Major). Details and extracts are on my website which is at

One of the reasons there hasn't been a Harlequin Joanna Maitland for a while is that I've been writing a trilogy, the Aikenhead Honours, about a spying ring at the end of the Napoleonic Wars. The first book -- His Cavalry Lady -- is already out on this side of the pond. All 3 books are to be published in North America in consecutive months, provisionally April, May, June next year. In the UK, the paperbacks of books 2 and 3 -- His Reluctant Mistress, and His Forbidden Liaison -- should be published in June and July 2009.

I haven't yet put extracts from books 2 and 3 on my website -- I was too busy finishing book 3!! -- but they should be up soon.

Best wishes to all the historicals fans