Tuesday, December 02, 2008

You are invited:

You are are invited to attend the Annual E-harlequin Open House.
Harlequin Historical will be having an all day party with plenty of door prizes and goodies.

Authors such as :
Nicola Cornick
Julia Justiss
Joanne Rock
Victoria Bylin
Michelle Styles
Annie Burrows
Michelle Willingham
Amanda McCabe
Diane Gaston
Charlene Sands
will be there, ready to answer questions, give hints about upcoming books and generally spread the holiday cheer.
It is not chatting, but simply posting. Please do come and join in!!!


penney said...

How exciting! I can't wait!

Michelle Styles said...

Penney --
Yes I do hope you can come to the Open House. Iti s always good fun and it is no harder than posting on a blog.
I know there are lots of prizes and several of the other HH authors are going to try to be there as well.
all the best,