Sunday, February 01, 2009

Check out the new February Undone: Pleasured by the English Spy

Happy February! My new Undone is out for the month of love. Pleasured by the English Spy features Andrew Truesdale, one of Julian's friends from November's undone, Libertine Lord, Pickpocket Miss.
When Andrew is sent to Florence to seek the truth by new rumors of a nationalist plot for revolution, his mission is simple: find the plotters and put a stop to the movement any way possible. But the mission gets complicated when Andrew's task leads him to the Villa of the Breezes and the arms of Olivia, an expatriate like himself. Olivia is a woman of great passion, unfettered by social conventions but when Andrew discovers her cousin's role in the budding uprising, he is plagued with doubt about their relationship. Is her passion genuine or is she protecting her cousin? In order to protect Olivia, Andrew must find away to serve both his country and his passion regardless of the risks involved, not the least of which is his heart.


Caffey said...

Hi Bron! I just was at EHarlequin and saw this one and excited!!! I too saw a book up by Ann Lethbridge and saw it was the 'Undone' series so didn't know if that print goes with this series of yours with 'Undone'? As you figured out, I haven't gotten and 'Undone' yet!!! I use a EBook wise reader and the EBooks at eharlequin can't be put on my EBookWise reader :( I don't want to miss them! And gosh this sounds so awesome and now two for me to read of yours!! Yours became autobuys! I'm having a blast with so many of these HH books, so much a beautiful comfort read reading historicals! Thanks for post!

Bronwyn Scott said...

No, I do know Ann, we have the same agent. But our books are not linked to each other. They're part of the Undone shorts series which is more about having a shorter story with higher levels of sensuality. Glad you're loving them! Pleasured by the English Spy got a nice write up over on The Good Bad the Unread. I think you'll enjoy it!

I empathize on the reader bit. We've got a Sony reader that doesn't download the harlequins at my house too. We were disappointed to find that out too late to change it.