Monday, May 11, 2009

Crazy question

I've been trying to get better at navigating the site. But I'm still struggling. Whenever I go to the home page and click on historical fiction and then search in historical fiction by author, my name comes up on the pull down menu but when I click on my name none of my books come up. I always get Cheryl St. John titles instead (and while she's pretty cool, I am just curious as to why this happens). In fact, the only way I can find any of my titles is to go in through the undone option and the two undone titles come up and I can link to my other paperbacks that way. It just seems like there should be a more direct way to get there. Hmm. Any thoughts? I am sure I'm just missing some little step.


CherylStJohn said...

Bronwyn, I can understand your frustration!

I clicked on the link in our sidebar here and then typed your name into the search bar and several of your books pulled up for me. None of mine. LOL

Michelle Styles said...

If it is a ehalrequin problem, contact either the digital team for ebooks or Jayne H at eharlequin and explain your concern.

Michelle Styles said...

Ah I went and tried it.

The search function takes you NOT to the author's page but to where approximately that authors' books are in the database. So Michelle Styles gets you to page 13 with Kate Welsh and Susan Wiggs, rather than taking you to page 12.
On ebooks it is worse as it lists ALL the books and so takes you to the page of Michelles.

It is a database problem and I suspect the sorting out would take a long time, BUT they should do it. Sometimes you have to wonder at what the tecchies were thinking when they created the system.

Bronwyn Scott said...

Yes, Cheryl,
Using the side bar here has not been problematic. That's worked out fine. But I am still having trouble accessing me from the main website page if I don't come in through blog site. Thanks for doing the experiment!!!