Monday, August 03, 2009

The South Carolina Writer's Conference Oct. 2009

Hi all, especially aspiring Harlequin Writers!
There's a great writing opportunity coming up for you at the South Carolina Writer's Conference Oct. 2009. It's really more of an awesome workshop than a conference. There are critique sessions with authors, agents and editors. Which can be so useful to the new writer. I went to a critique session 6 years ago at the Tacoma Community College authors conference and the critiquer, who was a professional in her field, said "this manuscript should be easy to sell. Do these three things to it and you have a classic regency." I did those three things to it, pitched it once and sold it--not only did I sell it, but I sold it as part of three book deal. It was the second manuscript I'd ever written. So these critique sessions matter a lot! I might even suggest they matter more than the pitching opportunity.

In addition to critique sessions with the workshop faculty, there's editor and agent appointments, workshops for perfecting your craft and lots more. I'll be there teaching sessions on dialogue, research and the crafting of the historical romance. I'll also be there offering full critiques of partial and full manuscripts!! Other big names will be there too like Jenny Bent and Pamela Ahearn and Scott Eagan--so some really great agents. This conference is about more than romance writing, it's for all genres, so bring your friend who wants to write a biography.
I'm so excited to be part of it. There will be time to work on your favorite projects and the conference will probably be a lot more intimate than the massive national RWA conference, so if you're looking for a one on one connection with somebody in the business, this is a fabulous opportunity. Check it out, here's the link

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