Monday, November 15, 2010

His Stand In Bride by Michelle Styles -- free Online weekly serial

One of the great things about eharlequin is that they  do offer free online reads. In the past, Deb Hale, Diane Gaston, Michelle Willingham and a host of other authors have provided free online reads. Now it is my turn and I am very excited.
His Stand In Bride runs from 15 Nov to 3 Jan with a chapter released each week. Then it will remain in the eharlequin library of reads.
You can read the first chapter here.

Tyne Valley, 1813
When her sister eloped with someone other than her betrothed, Lady Anne Dunstan knew two things. One, that she completely supported her sister's making her own choice about who she would marry. And two, that Anne—the responsible one—would have to clean up the mess
What she didn't know was how her sister's intended, Jason Martell, would take the news. Or how Anne would respond to the force of his presence, his rugged good looks, his less-than-gentlemanly advances.
Or to his proposal of marriage.

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