Monday, February 21, 2011

The Perfect Concubine giveaway by Michelle Styles

 Harlequin Historical Undone is the shorter ebook exclusive line of Harlequin Historical. Every month, two 15,000 novellas are released. They are short and sensual and meant to be read over a lunchtime or an evening.  This month it happens to be my turn and debut author Elaine Golden's turn.
Elaine's is a knock out regency Undone. An Imprudent Lady is the start of her trilogy. Be sure to look for the second one next month.
My offering -- The Perfect Concubine -- allowed me the chance to revisit the world I created in Sold & Seduced. For a long time, I'd promised myself that I would revisit the world and then when the Undone line started, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity. However, I first had to conquer my fear of writing short. Luckily, my editor was very patient and I am proud of the result.

And because people do wonder. Some of the Undones do go into print anthologies but not all.  Neither Elaine nor I can guarantee that these particular Undones will go into print, so we both recommend reading them as ebooks.

The blurb for The Perfect Concubine reads: Rome, 68 B.C.

Valeria's life is in the hands of Piso the Greek—the very man who had risen from a common sailor to wealthy ship owner following their doomed romance. He is the only man brave enough to sail the dangerous seas to Alexandria to reunite Valeria with her missing brother and restore her family's fortune. But Piso demands a high price for his help: Valeria must become his concubine and share his bed once more....

To be put in the drawing for a free download of The Perfect Concubine from eharlequin:  email me at with the answer to the following question -- What is the name of the hero and heroine of The Perfect Concubine before  25 February. Void where prohibited.

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