Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Happy New Year to everyone!

I like when the new year comes and gives us all a new beginning. We start anew and the year seems full of possibilities.

For Harlequin Historical authors, we'll be starting new books. At this point, the books could be about anything in any time period. So I ask you:

1. What time period would you like to see most in 2012? Regency? Medieval? Ancient Rome? Old China? Or something new and different, like WWI?

2. What story line would you like? Marriage of convenience? Beauty and the Beast? Cinderella? Secret Baby? Or do you like a treasure hunt?

3. What kind of hero? Noble or not? Alpha or Beta? Blond or Dark-haired?

4. What kind of heroine? Poor or Noble? Bookish or Horse-mad? Vicar's daughter or Vicar's illegitimate daughter?

5. Where set? British Isles? Australia? American West? France? North Africa?

6. Level of sensuality. Hot? Not-so-hot? Sweet?

Here's your chance to tell us what you want!!! 


Jen said...

Definitely more medieval or something new and different. Enough with the Regency time period.

I would love to see some set in other parts of Europe not just Britain. Russia would be great.

Less on the fairy tales but that is ok.

For me, it can be sensual or sweet.

Jo said...

1. I like Regency, but I'm always up for new eras. I would lovelovelove to see some Downton Abbey-style WWI and 1920's era. Ancient Rome and Russia, any era (yay Jen for agreeing!).

2. Give me something fresh.Let me get lost in the history and romance, not a trope. I'd love a historical thriller romance.

3. Gamma hehe? And as much as I love tall, dark, and handsome, I do have a thing for blondes. Depends on the setting.

4. Poor. Bookish AND Horse-mad. Vicar's illegitimate daughter- that's spice. Maybe like a medieval Catholic priest's illegitimate daughter.

5. France and Russia. Austria-Hungary. Italy with the Medici and Borgias is sure to be a winner.

6. I'm perfectly happy with sweet, though a tinge of sexual tension doesn't hurt. I'll read hot, but I think it speak volumes when an author can writes a spicy romance without relying on sex scenes.

Anonymous said...

Another vote for the Austro-Hungarian Empire - the latter years - with lots of Ibbotson-esque kipfel and strudel and... (can you tell that I'm theoretically on a diet?)

Anonymous said...

I like Regencies. But if I never have to read another secret baby story, it will be OK by me!