Sunday, October 01, 2006

October HH release: The Rake's Proposal by Sarah Elliot

The Rake's Proposal
A scandalous secret was part of the dowry Katherine Sutcliff would bring to her bridal bed. And any prospective suitor on the Marriage Mart would have to live with it—or live without her! But her pressing need for a suitable match was diverted by her most unsuitable attraction to the disreputable Lord Benjamin Sinclair.
A rakish life had been Benjamin's choice, but now the adventurous gentleman was tempted to stay closer to home. How else could he keep a watchful eye on Kate Sutcliff, when the gangly girl he'd teased in childhood had grown into a most unconventional beauty?

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The Rake's Proposal

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Loretta said...

I enjoyed reading the excerpt to this and also intend to add it to my list. I think it will be a great read.