Sunday, October 01, 2006

October HH Release: Stay For Christmas

Stay for Christmas
A Place To Belong by Judith Stacy
Sheriff Jack Crawford is a man who has never called anywhere home, but Maggie Hudson's beauty makes this good-looking drifter think about putting down roots.
A Son Is Given by Victoria Bylin
Katherine Merritt's life was changed utterly by a tragic accident. Now, in the season of miracles, will she find it in her heart to forgive the husband she once adored?
Angels in the Snow by Elizabeth Lane
Della is resolved to give a lonely little boy the Christmas he needs—even though the boy's exasperatingly stubborn, infuriatingly gorgeous father has his mind dead set against it!

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Stay for Christmas


Loretta said...

I love to read books dealing with the holidays.Hope to purchase this one. Will add it to my list.

Joan said...

The first thing I noticed was October was mispelled. I used to proof read so guess that is why I noticed. I love books about the holidays, especially Christmas.

Michelle Styles said...

Thanks for pointing it out, Joan. This is what comes from typing v quickly when one is under deadline pressure.