Sunday, March 11, 2007

M&B H March Release: The Tenderfoot Bride by Cheryl St John

A new start, a new home…
Linnea McConaughy was not the sturdy widow rancher Will Tucker expected to manage his household. Instead, she was a tiny slip of a woman whose eyes betrayed a desperate need to find a place to belong. Will found himself wanting to protect her and offer her a home with him…
…and a new love?
Linnea knew that she had to keep her past a secret, even though her attractive employer had shown her kindness, even tenderness. But could Will ever accept her shameful past – and another man’s baby?

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CherylStJ said...

How fun to see this posted! Thanks, Michelle! The UK cover is actually the inside of the US cover. I really like it! The colors are outstanding.

Michelle Styles said...

Loved the cover, loved the book.

Truly vintage Cheryl St John. Just a really feel good read.
Dmaged people being able love and live again.
Heart warming.