Monday, March 26, 2007

Wed Under Western Skies UK, May

I just received one whole copy of this anthology with the beautiful cover!
For three special women, love will be found in the most unexpected of places!

ABANDONED by Carolyn Davidson
The sole survivor of a wagon train raid, Elizabeth Travis has been left with amnesia. Cameron Montgomery comes to her rescue and takes special care of her. But how can she desire him while she's a woman with no past?

ALMOST A BRIDE by Cheryl St.John
The only unmarried woman in town, Charmaine Renlow has been waiting years for her beau to propose, and she's had enough. Maybe it's time to move on to greener single father Jack Easton's homestead!

Only a desperate woman would marry a man she'd never met, even if it was her dying husband's last request. But with a young daughter to protect, Clara Justice is desperate, so she accepts the proposal from Nate, the black sheep of the family...

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