Tuesday, April 03, 2007

M&B H April Release: Sold and Seduced by Michelle Styles

In just seven days, she will beg for his kiss!
Lydia Veratia made one mistake - and now her freedom is forfeit to the man who all Rome knows as the Sea Wolf. Sold into marriage, the one thing over which she still has control is her own desire. So when Fabius Aro offers her a wager - if she doesn't please for his kisses in the next seven days, then she will have her independence - Lydia thinks it will be easily won.
But Aro is a dangerously attractive man. And Lydia is finding his lips more and more tempting...

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CherylStJ said...

Look at those colors! Wow!

Michelle Styles said...

Yes, everyone who has seen this cover has commented how lovely it is.

I am so impressed with the covers that both HH and M&BH are currently producing.

Anonymous said...

I've read this now and it's great! Anne herries

Lynn Spencer said...

That sounds great! Does it have a US release date scheduled?

Lynn S.

Michelle Styles said...

It will be released in theUS at some point is all that I know.

I found out yesterday that Amazon Canada is offering the UK version on their website.