Thursday, July 16, 2009

His Secondhand Wife an August Mills & Boon Release

Mills and Boon Historical
August 2009
Available in Paperback / Adobe Reader


Noah Cutter was a man of his word…

Scarred in body and soul, rancher Noah didn’t consider himself fit company for anyone. But when his brother’s philandering finally caught up with him, honour dictated that Noah claim his brother’s widow as his own…

Noah was about the most intimidating man Katherine had ever seen. Yet though one man’s false promises had already dashed her dreams, she instinctively trusted this stranger. And Kate suspected she’d only be a fool this time if she didn’t take a chance on Noah for the sake of herself…and her unborn child!


penney said...

Beautiful cover, will it be about the same for the US?

Drena Charlesww said...

Just reading your entry you can feel Noah's painful life. It makes you want everything to work out for the couple sounds like a book I want to read.

Cheryl St.John said...

Penney, it's already been out in the US, so if you want a copy, you might try the UK Harlequin site (ordering through the link) or


penney said...

Thanks Cheryl I found it.
Have a great week