Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Viscount's Kiss is out now

The Viscount's Kiss is Margaret Moore's latest release from Harlequin Historicals.

Did you know that

it's the sequel to A Lover's Kiss, also from Harlequin Historical and still available at eHarlequin and Amazon?

That the hero of The Viscount's Kiss appeared in two other previous books from a different publisher? Kiss Me Quick and Kiss Me Again are still available, Kiss Me Quick in ebook format and Kiss Me Again in both print and ebook format.

That The Viscount's Kiss is Margaret's 37th book or novella published by Harlequin?

That she based one of the secondary characters on herself?

That she has a page of "web extras" on her site, with links to additional information - even videos - of material pertinent to The Viscount's Kiss? (You can find out which character is based on Margaret there.)

That she's also listed many of the research books she's found helpful on her site? She's also listed her books by series and time periods and has a printable "quick list" of all her titles.

That the most deadly spider in the world is the Brazilian wandering spider? What does that have to do with The Viscount's Kiss? The hero, naturalist and viscount Lord "Buggy" Bromwell, likes spiders. A lot.

You can read more about Margaret, The Viscount's Kiss and her other books at her website or by visiting her blog.

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MJ Smith said...

I bought this book and cant wait to read it.