Friday, November 23, 2012

Fall In Love (Again) Blog Hop -- Learn About the Authors

Harlequin Historical has authors to meet every mood and so over the next few days, we will be telling you about the authors who are providing the books for the giveaway.
First up
Carole Mortimer.
With more than 165 published books and a career which started in the late 1970s, Carole Mortimer is  truly a Queen of Romance. Earlier this year because of her services to literature, she met the Queen at one of the Queen's garden parties at Buckingham Palace.
Although she has written mainly contemporary romance for the Presents/Modern line, Carole recently brought  her unique voice to the Regency period. Her Regencys are great romps. Her latest is Some Like It Wicked and a sign copy is up for grabs in the Fall in Love (Again) giveaway.
DEVIL BY NAME… Rupert Stirling, Duke of Stratton, has long since acquired the nickname Devil. And with outrageous exploits both in and out of ladies’ bedchambers, my, has he earned it! Risqué behaviour is beyond Pandora Maybury, widowed Duchess of Wyndwood – although with her dark secret she’s far too well acquainted with being the subject of ribald gossip for her liking. If only the Ton knew just how innocent she really was…including Rupert who, after rescuing her from a compromising situation, seems intent on wickedly compromising her himself! Daring Duchesses They’ll scandalise the Ton"
 You can read an excerpt here.

Rita award winning author Diane Gaston also writes in the Regency period but has a different slant than Carole.  Diane 's books often concentrate on the Regency underworld.
Her latest Born to Scandal is published in December.
"‘PEOPLE TALK AS IF THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG ABOUT LORD BRENTMORE. SOMETHING ABOUT HIS PAST.' Lord Brentmore – half Irish peasant, half English aristocrat – grew up under a cloud of scandal. Even money and a title aren’t enough to stay the wagging tongues of the ton. But he’s vowed that his children will never experience the same stigma. After the death of their infamous mother they need a reputable governess. Anna Hill is too passionate, too alluring, but she fills Brentmore Hall with light and laughter again – and its master with feelings he’d forgotten… But a lord marrying a governess would be the biggest scandal of all!"

Diane is generously giving away a complete signed set of her Soldier books. You can read more about the  series here. You can learn more about Diane and her books on

If you haven't entered the Fall In Love Again giveaway, you may do so here.
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Lexi H said...

Medieval, I love a knight in shining armor!

Aurian said...

Regency, the Lord and Ladies of the Ton.