Thursday, August 17, 2006

August Release -- THE SPANISH PRIZE by Joanna Makepeace

Doña Maria Santiago y Talavera understood only too well what the corsair threatened.
Despatched by her uncle to Cartagena, to marry her betrothed, Maria had rebelled against a loveless arranged match to a cold-hearted and autocratic Spanish hidalgo. Her brief freedom was cut short by an encounter with an English buccaneer. Now Maria was aboard Captain Giles Norwood's ship, her fate entirely in his hands.
She could not tolerate such a rough freebooter — but as they sailed together Maria began to realize that she could not imagine life without him!

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ruby55 said...

I haven't seen a book by Joanna Makepeace in ages, though I do have "The Spanish Prize" from 1990.

I have the following pseudonyms for her: Margaret Elizabeth York, Margaret Abbey and Elizabeth York.

Does anyone know if these are correct? I can't remember where I picked them up. M.A. York is apparently her legal name but the only ones I have books by are Joanna Makepeace (3) and Margaret Abbey (7).

I'd really appreciate it if someone could clarify this for me.

Michelle Styles said...

I did a search for you on Fantastic Fiction.
This should give the list of all Joanna Makepeace's books.

I find Fantastic Fiction is pretty accurate for listing books by an author.

There appears to be a number of books listed.

Hope this helps.