Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Cheryl St.John: August UK release, THE MISTAKEN WIDOW

This is the cover of the August UK release, THE MISTAKEN WIDOW. I fell in love when I saw this cover. Isn't it exquisite? The colors are just breathtaking. And I appreciate how the artist used the details of the original US "theme" cover in the new design. Note the wallpaper, the golden glow of the room, and even the accessories. THE UK cover also has a more elegant linen/matte look than the glossy US cover.

Has anyone seen it on the shelves where you live?


Michelle Styles said...


I went looking for it when I got back to the UK, BUT it had sold out both in my local WHS and at Tescos.

I shall have to get an order together from M&B in the next few days as I did want to read it.

Billie Jo said...


Ooohhhh I can't wait to read it!

Billie Jo