Thursday, August 17, 2006

Welcome to the Harlequin Historical Authors' blog

Welcome to the Harlequin Historical Authors' blog and thank you for visiting.
We hope to bring you the latest news and information about all the wonderful and exciting things that are happening in Harlequin Historicals as well as interesting articles and recipes by your favourite Harlequin Historical Authors.
We hope you will find this a fun and informative blog and will visit frequently.


CherylStJ said...

Michelle, you've done an incredible job setting this up! Links to excerpts and eharlequin are perfect. This is going to be a great place to hang out! I'm going to invite all my friends to stop by.

Anonymous said...

I love the blog and have added it to my favorites list!


Denise Lynn said...

Michelle - Kudos! You've done a fantastic job. Thanks tons n tons!!!

Pam P. said...

Just found out about your blog, will visit when I can. I love historicals and get them from the club every month.

I've heard rumors that Harlequin may discontinue the line. I sure hope not, especially being able to get the books from those of you overseas.

CherylStJ said...

Pam, those rumors crop up every now and then. There was a thorough revamping a while back, but the booksellers and fans have proven that Harlequin Historicals have a broad and loyal readership.

News at conferences and from editors is that historicals are strong sellers in the marketplace. Have no worry that your favorite authors and their stories are going anywhere any time soon. In fact, we're all gathering together here to communicate with you.

Thanks for your concern and interest, and please ask all the questions you like. I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say I'd love to hear about the kind of books you like to read.

Anonymous said...

My heart stopped when I read the comment about the rumor of HH ending. I would hate to see that happen and would definitely show up at Harlequin Headquarters to protest, LOL. Thanks for putting that worry to rest. I would hate to have to go through the expense of getting a passport.

Jennifer Y. said...

Great blog!