Sunday, September 03, 2006

M&B September Release -- The Warlord's Mistress by Juliet Landon

Was she as respectable as she seemed?
Powerful warlord Fabian Cornelius Peregrinus must quell the rebellious hill tribes at this northern outpost of the Roman empire. From the precision of their raids on Hadrian’s Wall, he knows someone has inside information.
Living as a refined, local citizen of Rome, Dania Rhiannon has kept her true origins hidden. While soldiers swarm the streets by day, wealthy officers are drawn to her House of Women by night. Not once tempted before now to share in the intimate talk and pleasures, Dania’s shocked to realise that one masterful warrior could all too easily seduce her into his arms. But is Fabian truly attracted – or does he suspect what lies beneath her mantle of respectability? AD 208

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