Sunday, September 03, 2006

Victoria Bylin -- Real Heroes

Long live rebels! That’s what I love most about the Reverend John Leaf, the hero in ABBIE’S OUTLAW, a September 2006 Mills & Boon release. The man is a rebel to the core. He breaks the rules. He’s smokes and fights. And he’s not afraid to talk about sex. He’s not afraid of anything . . . except passing his bad blood on to his illegitimate daughter.

I’m a sucker for men like John Leaf. They break the rules for the right reasons. They stand for what’s right no matter the cost. They’re men of principle who are willing to fight and die for the people they love. That, to me, is true heroism.

Some might say that such sacrifice isn’t relevant in today’s world. No one’s rustling cattle or robbing stagecoaches, but I’d argue that the sacrifices men make today are the same as in the Old West. Our husbands and fathers still go to war, fight fires and build buildings. Just as profound is the sacrifice of men who go everyday to jobs that make them grit their teeth. They do it for us, ladies. For their wives and children. For that sacrifice, they deserve to be called heroes.

Who are the heroes in your life? My husband gets top billing in mine. My dad’s right behind him, and my two sons make me proud. Way to go, guys! I love you all!

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