Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Sharon Schulze: History Channel Junkie

Hi, my name is Sharon and I'm a History Channel Junkie.

I freely admit that this compulsion is less compelling than my book addiction (can you ever have too many books? :-)), but it's becoming noticeable. The History Channel--as well as History International, the Science Channel, Discovery Times, A&E, National Geographic, and more--have become my TV of choice. Whenever I'm doing something that keeps my hands, and maybe part of my mind, busy, I've developed the habit of tuning in to one of these channels.

It's my new version of multitasking; I can't knit and read a book at the same time, but I can--and have--managed to improve my knowledge of ancient times, history, military strategy, and plenty of other interesting things while working on wedding and holiday gifts. I've even come up with leads for several new books, ideas I'll flesh out by doing research in more traditional ways.

Maybe I'm simply a history junkie, and this is my latest method for getting my fix. Whatever the reason, it sure beats sitcoms or so-called reality shows!

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Diane Perkins said...

I'm totally with you on this, Sharon! I love the History Channel, especially History International. My favorites are shows about ancient civilizations- Rome, Greece, Egypt, Mayan...or (of course) anything during Regency times. Did you see the show on The Year Without a Summer? 1816. Anything on the Napoleonic War sends me into raptures, too, but, I must admit, I've had my fill of WWWII. I think the WWII era was romantic, but I'm saturated on it as far as TV goes. My husband calls the History Channel, the Hitler Channel and he's not far wrong!
Diane Perkins aka Diane Gaston