Saturday, December 18, 2010

Harlequin Historcal Advent Day 18 -- Georgina Devon

It's Georgina Devon's turn today.  read the excerpt from TheROgue's Seduction, answer the simple question and enter to win a signed copy plus a box of choclates. All entries go forward to the grand prize of the kindle 3 g on 23rd December.

NB Georgina unfortunately had HUGE computer problems on the 18th, she is sorry for this and her dates for the contest will be adjusted accordingly. 


Caffey said...

I know I'm early but may be good to address this early if someone is on....the question on the author, Georgina Devon site is about a different book, The Rogue's Seduction? Where can I find an excerpt of that? (The characters she mentions for the question, Jason and Lilith are not in the Rebel Lord (the characters in that book is Duncan and Jenna). I can't get most of the clicks to the books at the site to work to find the book and excerpt for the different book.

cathiecaffey @

joder said...

Caffey is correct. It's almost the end of the day and the question Georgina asks can't be answered because the book excerpt she sends us to doesn't exist. It says the excerpt will be up soon but there isn't any other way to answer the question.