Thursday, December 16, 2010

Harlequin Historical Holiday Contest Daily Winners Update

Harlequin Holiday Contest

Here are the Daily Winners of the Harlequin Historical Holiday contest thus far!

Dec 1 Jean P from Ohio
Dec 2 Beverly from Solihull
Dec 3 Sara M
Dec 4 (to be announced Dec 23)
Dec 5 Carlie A, Virginia C and Hilly
Dec 6 (to be announced Dec 23)
Dec 7 (to be announced Dec 23)
Dec 8
Dec 9 Emma from Pennsylvania
Dec 10 Katherine from Ontario
Dec 11 Kohsamui
Dec 12 Linda from Missouri
Dec 13 Peter from Maryland
Dec 14 Deb H, May C
Dec 15 Alisha W

Check back here for updates.
And don't forget to keep entering the contest!

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