Monday, January 15, 2007

Bidding the Falcon's a Fond Farewell

Ack…I knew there was something scheduled on the 15th besides a chat tonight. At times calendars and scheduling are just beyond my grasp. I have a nice big pristine 2007 calendar hanging right next to my screen. Unfortunately, I can’t see the days because I have a cover flat of Falcon’s Heart paper clipped over the month.

I really love this cover…especially the inside. Marianne looks like such a brat there and that’s exactly what I asked for on the artwork form.

But she is a great match for her brothers, which was the whole idea. Certainly couldn’t have a mild, meek wallflower character. She’d have been brow beaten by the boys from day one.

I enjoyed doing this series…or is it called linked stories? Not sure. Hadn’t planned on 4 Falcon books. There’d originally just been one, Rhys (Falcon’s Desire), but when I turned in the proposal for the next contract my editor asked where the next Falcons were. My ever so brilliant answer was, “Um, next Falcon?”

Obviously, the editor won that debate. However, to my amazement, and gratitude, she was right. There were more Falcon stories. BTW, how do they do that? Are editors just born with some type of strange ESP? Or is it a learned talent? It was a great lesson for me. The HH editors know their job and so far, in my case, they’ve been right each time. Yes, I am blessed.

The three boys; Rhys, Gareth and Darius took me on a wonderful journey. Not only did I get to spend time my favorite period, the 12th century, I tripped over research that I’d never given a thought to before. A dear friend lives in Ireland and talk about some handy info…Kem was able to provide not only pictures of keeps, valleys, rivers and such, but detailed pics and “how-tos” about thatching. Something I’d never considered until I needed Marianne’s beloved to chop his way through the roof and then fix it the next day. Living in the 21st century in the city is wonderful until you can’t figure out what a reed is. LOL – I have a reed flute and I kept seeing bamboo in my mind because it grows along the fence down the street at the Zoo. So, thanks to the invention of technology, Kem was able to email me close up pics of thatching reeds. Small details I know. But the little things just thrill me beyond belief.

Marianne’s journey was a little more melancholy. Don’t get me wrong, I love Marianne and her story, but I knew it was the last Falcon and I didn’t want to let go. It felt like closing a door. What would I write after her story? What was left? I cursed the editor who came up with this seemingly not-so-brilliant idea. I cursed myself for not having the next story idea ready to go. Even though I’m generally quite literal to the extreme (let me read his eyes fell or she dropped her hand or arm in a book and I roll on the floor laughing because of the image it immediately conjures), I found myself actually crying when I typed “The End” how sad is that?

Thankfully, during the editing process the old, over-used cliché “when one door closes another opens” proved true. By the time I finished deleting, adding, changing, moving, fixing, not only was there another story idea, there were three. I’m thinking that having friends as secondary characters is a real good idea, especially arrogant, strong, and hopefully interesting ones.

So for now, while I bid the Faucon’s and their spouses a fond farewell, I also offer up a heartfelt thank you. As the first, Rhys and Lyonesse will always hold a special place in my memories, but I enjoyed all of their stories, and hope you have too.

Take care,

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