Thursday, January 18, 2007

Victoria Bylin: Contests

I'm stoked! Any day now, I'll receive a package from Airborne Express. It'll contain the seven books I'm judging for this year's Rita awards. It's like getting a Christmas present in January. Best of all, I'll have an excuse to make reading a priority.

The only downside this year is not judging any historicals. I'm entered in the Short Historical category, so that's out. It was just luck of the draw that I didn't get a long historical. I wish I had . . . I read primarily westerns and Americana. I was hoping for a medieval or something different, at least for me. It's fun to go to new places. When I read, it's like a mini-vacation that doesn't require airfare. In fact, it comes with a time machine made of paper. Now that's fun!

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