Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Harlequin Historicals 'Round The World - Margaret Moore

One of the great things about writing for Harlequin Historical is the translation and sale of our books in various countries around the globe. One of my greatest thrills as an author was finding an Australian anthology of three of my Harlequin Historicals in a gift shop at Alice Springs, half way 'round the world from home!

It's not only a great thrill to get the foreign editions, it's fascinating to see both the similarities and differences in the cover art.

This is the North American version of the cover for my fifth Harlequin Historical. Next is the French edition, then the Japanese and then the Swedish. Note the number of candles visible and the heroine's hand.

I also call this my Baldwin brother cover. Doesn't he look like Alec Baldwin?

The irony is, he's also one of the mature guys I've ever had on a cover, which would be great, except that Hu happens to be one of the youngest heroes I've ever written.

But all in all? I like this guy!

Sometimes, the cover art is "bumped over" even more.

This is the first North American edition of my first Harlequin Historical.

This is the Japanese edition. The broadsword on this cover was on the spine of the original North American edition, and everything to the left of it was on the back cover.

Speaking of back covers...

This is the front cover of the North American edition of my seventh Harlequin Historical.

This is the front of the Italian edition, which uses the picture that was on the back of the North American edition.

And sometimes, the cover art is completely different.

This is the cover of the North American edition of one of my HQN releases. And quite the lovely cover it is, too. However, I also like the Korean edition, even though it's not anything like my usual covers.

My next release, MY LORD'S DESIRE from HQN Books, and which should be out any day now, also has a lovely cover.

I look forward to finding out where else it's being sold, and what they've done for the cover.

(I've also got my own blog, which I hope you'll visit. Today, I'm blogging about JANE EYRE.)

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